Asia Pacific International Adoption Forum Stucture

Membership is open to not-for-profit non-government organisations in the Asia-South West Pacific Region operating in the field of adoption or related fields. Individuals with expertise may also become associate members at the discretion of the Council, able to attend meetings and participate in electronic discussions and teleconferences.

The organisation will be governed by a Council which will consist of at least three and no more than five representatives from two or more countries or states.  The Members will elect the Council for a 4 year term at the Biennial General Meeting. Additional members may be appointed by the Council if a member resigns or if the Council identifies a need for further Council members.

The Council will then elect a Chairperson. The post of Chairperson will rotate among the countries or states. The Council, headed by the Chair, is responsible for furthering the Objectives of the Asia Pacific International Adoption Forum and for continual review of the Standards of Practice.


The permanent secretariat of Asia Pacific International Adoption Forum is provided by and funded by the founding member organisation ICANZ.  This arrangement may be changed by mutual agreement.

The member organizations that have the chairperson and council provide additional secretarial help.

General Meeting

Representatives of the member organisations will meet preferably in person, or by teleconference, video-conference or email conference, for a General Meeting once every 2 years.

At the General Meetings the members discuss topics of common concern, elect and meet the new Council, approve of annual reports and accounts, plan their activities for the two coming years.