Asia Pacific International Adoption Forum

Standards of Practice THE BIRTH PARENTS

Article 8

Parents who express their wish to place their child or children for adoption should be given all the necessary information concerning the implications of their decision and also reasonable time to reflect upon their decision and to change their minds. Where it is possible, alternative proposals should be explored with them. Parents must always have the opportunity to change their minds up to the time a decision has been reached by a Court or corresponding authority in the child's country of origin. Expenses incurred, if any, by the organisation or its contact abroad in relation to the care of the child must not be used as a reason for preventing the parents from having the opportunity to change their minds. No consent to an adoption may be given before the birth of the child.

Article 9

It is prohibited to use payments or other improper material transaction to induce or encourage any parent or relative to place a child for adoption or induce or encourage any entity with jurisdiction over the child to release a child for adoption or encourage any child placing entity to unduly increase the number of placements.

Article 10

Except in the case of family adoption, there must be no direct contact between the birth family or their child on the one hand and the future adoptive family on the other before the required consents to the adoption have been given and have become definitive, insofar as the law of the sending country allows it. Should contact between the birth family and the adoptive family prove desirable at a later stage, this should initially be established through relevant authorities or organisations. They should use their experience and knowledge to safeguard the right to confidentiality of both the birth and adoptive families while at the same time taking into account the child's right to information about his or her background.


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